On Call Repair & Maintenance (OCR) is a full service company based in the South Bay area of San Diego County.  Founded by Owners, Ray and Roann Gobeil, OCR was established in 2006 and is an up and coming service provider for commercial and residential property owners, managers and real estate professionals.

OCR offers a wide range of services including all areas of construction, remodels, tenant improvements, and general maintenance and repairs for commercial and residential clients throughout San Diego County.

OCR operates their business utilizing experience, knowledge, and honesty to consistently meet their client’s needs.  We serve our clients with a personal touch and we are always available to our clients, tenants and customers and provide a level of service that cannot be compared to any other company of its type.

We are dedicated to our clients and making sure they are always satisfied.  Our “Every Client Matters” approach is what we live by every day.  


Who Uses Our Services

- Commercial Property Owners
- Commercial Property Managers
- Residential Property Owners
- Residential Homeowers
- Homeowner Associations
- Real Estate Professionals
- Businesses of All Sizes